Admissions Policy

One World School embodies unity, equity, and learning for children of all abilities. Prospective One World School parents/guardians must believe in and support One World School's core values as stated in its vision, mission, goals, and guiding principles for learning. Applicants are admitted based on their unique learning profiles, which the Admissions Committee uses to create classes with the appropriate balance of student abilities to fulfill One World School's vision and mission. English is the primary language of instruction and communication.

Preschool and Elementary Levels

The Preschool and Elementary School will enroll children of all abilities, including a wide spectrum of learners, such as children who are gifted and talented, average or typical learners, children with special education needs, and atypical learners.  Children with identified special education needs will also be part of the Individualized Education Program.

Individualized Education Program

This Program will enroll children ages 2 to 18, who have special education needs, as well as children who have been identified as gifted and talented in one or more academic disciplines.  Gifted and talented children between ages 6 and 18 may enroll in this program.

Determination of Eligibility for the Individualized Education Program

The Admissions Committee, parents/guardians, and specialists such as developmental psychologist, developmental-behavioral pediatrician, speech and language pathologists, and physical and occupational therapists, will determine an applicant's eligibility for the Individualized Education Program. The following factors will be considered when making this determination:

  • Present levels of performance;
  • Educational background and medical history;
  • Frequency, duration, and extent of necessary accommodations or modifications; and
  • Necessary academic and/or behavioral interventions and therapies.

Internship & Transition Program

The Internship & Transition Program is designed for adults with and without special education needs. Individuals who are interested in the half to full year program must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be able to commit to a minimum of 20 weeks of internship and transition classes. Individuals between 15 and 18 years old may participate in this program during their summer school breaks.

Admissions Procedure

Step 1:

School Tour and Meeting with Administrators and/or Program Leaders

  • Contact the school to make an appointment for a tour and to meet One World School Administrators and/or Program Leaders.
  • During the meeting, the following will be discussed.
    • The applicant's strengths, abilities, interests, goals, and barriers to learning, if any.
    • The parents'/guardians' belief in and support for One World School's vision, mission, goals, and guiding principles for learning.
  • You may bring your child on the school tour and meeting. 
  • If, after the tour and meeting, you decide you would like for your child to apply for admissions, please download and complete the application forms found on our website.

Step 2:

Parent/Guardian Questionnaire:

Is One World School the Right School for You and Your Child?

Step 3:

Assessment Appointment

  • Make an appointment for your child to have an assessment with our Program Leaders and/or teachers.

Step 4:

Admissions Packet

  • Complete and submit the following forms together, before or on the day of the scheduled assessment.
  • Submit the following documents together with the above forms.
    • School records from the previous two years (if applicable)
    • Standardized achievement test results (if applicable)
    • Assessment reports from any or all of the following specialists (if applicable)
      • Educational psychologist
      • Psychiatrist
      • Developmental pediatrician
      • Neuro-psychologist
      • Speech and language pathologist
      • Occupational therapist
      • Physical therapist
  • Parents/guardians may be requested to submit additional documents or information.

Step 5:

Assessment and Parent Meeting with Program Leaders/Teachers and Administrators

  • The assessment will be approximately 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the applicant's response to the assessment environment. 
  • After the assessment and review of the application materials, the Program Leaders/Teachers and Administrators will meet with the parents to discuss program recommendations and whether there is a potential match between the applicant and the school.

Step 6:

Admissions Decision

Administrators will discuss with the parents/guardians the admissions decision, whether their child has been admitted, wait listed, or denied admissions.


Submit these remaining requirements:

  • A copy of the applicant's birth certificate
  • A copy of the parents'/guardians' and applicant's passports
  • 2" x 2" color ID photographs (3 each for the parents/guardians and applicant)
  • Foreign applicants (non-Filipino citizens)
    • A copy of the parents'/guardians' and applicant's visas
  • Complete the enrollment reservation form and pay the reservation fee.
  • Choose the school fees payment option.


Wait-listed or Denied

One World School Administrators will explain to the parents/guardians the reason(s) for this admissions decision.