One World School comprises more than 100 students who are a dynamic mix of typically developing children and those with special education needs, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and hearing impairment. While Filipino citizens compose the majority of the student population, there are also a number of students from different nationalities, including Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Spain & U.S.A.

Admissions is open throughout the school year as long as there are spaces available in the grade levels or programs to which the students are applying. The Admissions Committee conducts parent interviews, informal admissions assessments, and review of application documents. Applicants are admitted based on their unique learning profiles and the school’s ability to provide for their individualized academic and interventions programs, which the committee uses to create classes with the optimal balance of student abilities to fulfill One World School’s vision and mission.

Admissions Procedure

Step 1

Schedule an onsite or online meeting with the Headmaster, Admissions Director, and Program Leaders through

Step 2

Review the Admissions Checklist and Admissions Forms.

Step 3

Submit the Admissions Forms and other required documents to

Step 4

Schedule the student’s onsite or online initial screening and assessment.

Step 5

For all admissions decisions, the Admissions Committee, the applicant, and the applicants’ parents must agree that there is an excellent fit between the school, the student, and the family to fully realize the School’s core values.