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One World School's fundamental philosophy of education is that all children have the potential to learn and be successful. This philosophy is clearly reflected in One World School's mission, vision, goals, and guiding principles for learning. One World School views and educates each child as an individual with limitless abilities and potential.

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One World School is a young educational institution that opened its first day of classes on August 2013. As a non-stock, non-profit entity, One World School, Inc. is fully funded through school fees and individual and corporate donations and sponsorships.

Message from the Headmaster
One World School's emphasis on individual abilities rather than limitations

One World School embodies three powerful ideals that will transform the lives of many children and their families. These ideals, formed as the school's motto, are unity, equity, and learning for children of all abilities. The phrase "children of all abilities" conveys One World School's emphasis on individual abilities rather than limitations. It also places great importance on the acceptance of children with a wide spectrum of learning profiles, including those who are gifted and talented, children who are average or typical learners, children with mild, moderate, and significant special education needs, and children who just learn differently. One World School also aims to create a school in which children of all abilities learn together and from one another and respect and value each individual's unique characteristics, thereby fostering unity amongst all members of the school community.

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One World School also recognizes that every child comes to school at different developmental stages, readiness to learn, and a range of strengths and challenges. As such, One World School promotes equity in learning opportunities for children of all abilities. Each child's learning profile is at the core of One World School's curricular framework.

The School Crest

One World School's crest clearly reflects its philosophy and core values. The four children represent children of all abilities. On top of the world, each child holds a book, showing One World School's belief that all children can learn and be successful. They stand at the same level, with arms extended and held to symbolize unity and equity. The globe represents the communities through which our children will learn through service. The crest is blue and white to evoke a sense of peace.

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Core Values

Self-determined, interdependent, and reflective individuals of all abilities will contribute meaningfully to family and society, and respect and value one's own and others' inherent value as human beings.

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One World School will provide equity in access to learning opportunities and participation in the community for children of all abilities.

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Children of One World School community will:

  • Have a strong sense of identity and self-awareness;
  • Respect one's own and others' inherent value as human beings;
  • Be self-determined and empowered individuals; and
  • Have the knowledge and skills to contribute to and transform their communities.
Read about our Curricular Framework
  • Excellence

    All children have the capacity to achieve success and their potential, given optimum learning environments and effective methods of instruction.

  • Unity

    Children of all abilities can learn together and from one another in one school.

  • Strengths

    A strength-based approach to learning values children's capacity to contribute meaningfully to family and their communities.

  • Equity

    The school community is responsible for providing equitable access to learning and opportunities for participation for children of all abilities.

  • Adaptability

    Barriers to learning must be identified and removed through changes in learning conditions and instructional methods.

  • Curiosity

    Student ownership of and engagement in learning is optimized through inquiry-based education.

  • Teamwork

    One World School community members reflect upon their social responsibility and act to make changes to improve the lives of others in their communities.

  • Harmony

    Teachers, parents, and students have shared responsibility and accountability for learning.

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